Dog Flea Treatment Tips

The dog flea, also known as Ctenocephalides canis, is a species that lives on a wide variety of mammals. It is particularly dangerous as it can cause flea tapeworm in dogs, cats, humans and particularly children. Apart from transmitting tapeworms and other diseases, dog fleas can be severely injurious to your pet’s health. Flea infestations Continue Reading

Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Veterinary Advice Before following any of our tips, your first and most important port of call should be your veterinarian. It’s important you consult your cat’s vet first so that a good starting point can be agreed and any medical issues which may hinder your cat’s progress may be flagged up early. Calorie Counting The Continue Reading

Ravenstone UK Help Uncover Animal Shelter’s Role in Tax Fraud Empire

According to rumours, Manchester-based fraud investigation company Ravenstone UK were pivotal in the HMRC investigation which uncovered the role of a Manchester animal shelter in an elaborate tax fraud scam. Dubbed ‘the fraud of the century’ by HMRC, the animal shelter operated by One Formula Projects LLP was in fact used as a conduit for Continue Reading

Hundreds and Cats, Dogs and Pet Owners Respond to Casting Call for ‘The Tax Fraud of the Century’

Following a casting call for the latest Roderick Bond and F1 Productions movie, The Tax Fraud of the Century, pet owners have responded in their droves. Dealing with the tax fraud empire operated by One Formula Projects LLP, The Tax Fraud of the Century movie will feature hundreds of cats and dogs. In heart-rending scenes, Continue Reading

Casting Call Targets Pet Owners in Cheshire for Roderick Bond Tax Fraud Movie

A casting call for pet owners interested in their pets participating in a new tax fraud movie starring Roderick Bond has been made. Despite the extension of coronavirus lockdown measures, users of popular social media site Facebook have reported being contacted by Manchester F1 Productions. Following the popularity of the recent documentary entitled Rod Bond: Continue Reading

FAQs about COVID-19 and Cats

In recent times there have been a number of reports in the media suggesting transmission of COVID-19 from people to animals may be possible, particularly cats.  At this moment, the evidence is very limited and the number of cats involved is very low which implies the chances of cats getting covid-19 are incredibly slim. Despite what we think the chances are, Continue Reading