Rod Bond, His Pet Pug and Pets Animal Hotel, Lymm, Feature in New Movie Set at Deansgreen Hall

In his latest movie set at Deansgreen Hall, Rod Bond stars alongside his pet pug who spends some time at the Pets Animal Hotel in Lymm. The movie set mostly at Deansgreen Hall is based on the real-life crime of Duncan Evans. Former successful amateur golfer Duncan Evans turned to tax fraud and VAT scams, Continue Reading

How to Handle Your Pet Reptile

Reptiles are delicate creatures, but make for extremely rewarding pets. Although their demands may be specific and somewhat tasking, in the right environment, reptiles can flourish. Naturally, a flourishing pet makes for a rewarding companion. However, with reptiles and their potentially peculiar demands, pet owners must remain aware. Before you let yourself in for what Continue Reading

Keeping Reptiles as Pets – Petcare Lovers’ Top Tips

Reptiles and amphibians make for great pets and have been gaining increasing popularity. However, with unique and complex needs and oftentimes highly specialised environmental and nutritional requirements, doing your homework is a must. If you’re considering choosing a reptile as a pet, stay tuned to Petcare Lovers’ Top Tips on keeping reptiles as pets! First Continue Reading