Fun Facts for Kids: Cats

Across the world, cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. Today, there are easily over five hundred million pet cats, in pretty much every country around the globe. From the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs to the Prophet Mohammed, cats have been a favourite pet for generations. In fact, it is said that Continue Reading

Fun Facts about Dogs for Kids

Why are dogs’ noses always wet? Dogs’ noses always look wet, but have you ever wondered why? The reason behind it is that dogs’ noses secret a special mucus that helps absorption of chemical emanating from a scent. You will have also seen dogs licking their noses, which is part of the same process. By Continue Reading

Is my dog pregnant?

When it comes to your dog’s pregnancy, it’s not as simple as a home pregnancy test. However, if you look out for the following signs, you may discover the good news sooner than most. First of all, dogs pregnancies last between 61 and 65 days. Each of the three trimesters last for around 21 days. Continue Reading

Fun Facts: Pugs

Ancient Breed With their popularity currently at an all time high, you’d think pugs were a relatively new breed. However, the pug’s lineage stretches back surprisingly far. In fact, since it goes back so far into history, there isn’t precise information on when the breed was initially developed. The general opinion is that pugs were Continue Reading