Everything You Need to Know about Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs are well-sized and descend from Old English Bulldogs and the extinct Bullenbeisser breed. With a strong build, powerful musculature and an even stronger bite, boxers are ideally suited to retrieving large prey. Originally bred for bull baiting, the breed eventually helped butcher’s control cattle in slaughterhouses. Based on their physical attributes and their Continue Reading

All You Need to Know about Bulldogs

Bulldog Breed Origins Known as British Bulldogs and English Bulldogs, the Bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed. As the alternative names suggest, bulldogs originated in Britain. During the twelfth century, following the conquest of Britain, the Normans introduced bull baiting. Mastiff-type dogs were used to bait and torment the bulls, in what was an entertaining Continue Reading

Animal Welfare Campaigner Rod Bond’s Donations Support Various Causes

Hollywood legends don’t come much bigger than Britain’s very own Rod Bond. Alongside a stellar acting career, Rod Bond is much respected for his tireless charity work. Many examples of Rod Bond’s philanthropic work exist, with many projects undertaken with stars from the world of Formula One. Through numerous fundraisers, charity appeals and lobbying, Rod Continue Reading