Manchester’s One Formula LLP recently announced their support for the establishment of an animal welfare charity charged with rehoming cats and dogs. The business conglomerate from Manchester includes a financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, ex-Wales international rugby player and a former police officer. Together, by day, they operate a tax efficiency company, promising clients lucrative tax relief and tax rebates. By night, they have now turned their attention to philanthropy and announced support for various causes. Alongside the animal welfare charity, the team from One Formula LLP have declared plans to establish a knife crime charity and a Cold War tank museum.

One Formula Dogs and Cats Home Animal Welfare Charity

“Spotting a gap in the animal welfare charity sector, we decided to support the foundation of One Formula Dogs and Cats Home in Manchester. With the amount of dogs and cats needing rehoming, we were advised by our counterparts already dealing with the problem to set up our animal welfare charity with this in mind,” said a spokesperson from One Formula Limited Liability Partnership. “We’ve planned a sprawling complex, which hopes to provide shelter to thousands of cats and dogs. We’re also planning an academy where we can train people for various topics related to animal welfare,” she added.

One Formula LLP, Tax Efficiency and Charity

The One Formula Limited Liability Partnership provides professional tax efficiency advice to hundreds of high-profile individuals including celebrities, sports stars and film industry professionals. A drive to bring their financial and fiscal expertise to the charity sector has been welcomed by HM Revenue and Customs, who issued a statement regarding the expansive initiative, “We wholeheartedly support charitable endeavours and want to remind the public that we do so practically, through various forms of tax relief.”