Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Veterinary Advice Before following any of our tips, your first and most important port of call should be your veterinarian. It’s important you consult your cat’s vet first so that a good starting point can be agreed and any medical issues which may hinder your cat’s progress may be flagged up early. Calorie Counting The Continue Reading

One Formula LLP: Manchester Finance Experts Support Animal Welfare Charity

Manchester’s One Formula LLP recently announced their support for the establishment of an animal welfare charity charged with rehoming cats and dogs. The business conglomerate from Manchester includes a financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, ex-Wales international rugby player and a former police officer. Together, by day, they operate a tax efficiency company, promising clients Continue Reading

What should I feed my cat?

What is a cat’s natural diet? Defined as “obligate carnivores,” a cat’s natural diet consists of the flesh of animals. Thus, as carnivores, they depend on the nutrients present in animal flesh for their dietary and nutritional needs. Wild cats eat small rodents, small birds and insects and reptiles. Their choice of prey includes mice, Continue Reading