Whether in and around the home, or out and about, Pet Care Lovers bring you a list of essential dog accessories neither you nor your dog can do without!

A Spare Lead – Of course, you can’t no without a lead, and that goes without saying. However, if the leads breaks or is misplaced, it’s always handy to have a strategically located spare lead close to hand.

Stain and Odour Removers – During the training process, or indeed in spite of training, dogs are prone to accidents. Foul smells are easily repelled using modern enzyme-based cleaners. Ensure your surfaces are clean, hygienic and odour-free and protect young children, with enzyme-based stain and odour removers.

Disposable Dog Wipes – When the rigmarole of a full-on bath isn’t called for and you need a handy and hygienic alternative, disposable wipes especially formulated for dogs can help maintain hygiene. With your pet pooch pawing at everything within reach, a simple wipe will prevent the transfer of germs.

Flea Treatments – Fleas are a threat all year round. Keeping a flea treatment to hand can help stop the infestation in its tracks. Save your beloved dog from scratching, irritation, reddened skin and hair loss by intervening at the first sign.

Dog Harness – Dog harnesses are less restrictive and more stable than a leash for those dogs who may need a short tug from time to time.

A First Aid Kit – Make sure you have one first aid kit for your home and one for your car. Alongside all the usual equipment, be sure to include a few treats to comfort your beloved pooch during the trauma of a first aid incident.

Baby Gates – Baby gates are vital to protecting your dog and your prized possessions. As an alternative to containing your dog in a crate, or dog-proofing your entire home, baby gates offer as much protection as they do freedom of movement to your dog. Appearing in all shapes and sizes, baby gates are the perfect solution for keeping your dog free and safe.