1. Rabbits have almost 360 degree vision – but rabbits are actually born with their eyes shut!
  2. Rabbits can grow up to 4 feet long
  3. Baby rabbits are called ‘kittens’- this is often abbreviated to kits.
  4. When rabbits are super happy, they binky! Binkying is when the rabbit does a happy hop in the air, with a twist of the body and a kicking of the feet that expresses their pure joy!
  5. Rabbits can get bored – just like me and you! This is why if you have a pet rabbit then you need to make sure to socialize your rabbit as well as give it enough space to exercise and toys to keep your rabbit
  6. Rabbits need to digest their food twice – this means that rabbits eat their droppings. The special droppings that they eat are called ‘cecotropes’. Rabbits sometimes eat these directly, which is why owners may not always see this. The second, hard, pellet poop is the final product.
  7. Rabbits’ nails and teeth never stop growing. Unlike humans, rabbits’ nails and teeth grow constantly. Their nails need a trim about every six weeks and using special timothy hay and wooden toys helps to take care of their teeth.

  1. Rabbits require special vets – these are sometimes harder to find and more expensive than normal vets that you may visit for your cats or dogs.
  2. Rabbits are the third-most abandoned animals in shelters. It is super important to adopt rabbits and not buy them!
  3. All rabbits have their own unique personalities – just like humans, dogs, cats and other animals.
  4. Continuing from the previous point, rabbits are NOT a ‘starter pet’. Some might think that rabbits require less care or are less of a commitment than cats or dogs. However, rabbit owners often say that rabbits require more attention and effort than cats or dogs.
  5. Rabbits can live up to 10 years – a life-long commitment.
  6. In the wild, rabbits burrow underground. These groups of burrows are called a warren.
  7. Rabbits do not like baths. This is because they are pretty clean and do not really need them. Rabbits are also super scared of water.

Rabbits’’ are prey species. This means that their life is all about survival and they are in a constant state of alert. This might explain why your rabbit does not like to be picked up – reminds them of a bird of prey swooping down to catch them!