Originating from the border region between Scotland and England, border collies were developed to gather and herd sheep. Full of energy, stamina and focus, the Border Collie dog breed belongs to the herding dog variety. The breed is still used in this capacity until today, across the world. Moreover, thanks to their natural attributes, this breed of dog excels in sheepdog trials and dog sports. Also, they are considered among the most intelligent of all domestic dog varieties. Known also for their intelligence and ability to learn and apply instructions, they are also known by some as Scottish Sheepdogs.

Reared primarily for herding and working, border collies’ exercise and stimulation requirements exceed those of other domesticated breeds. While commonly being described as playful and energetic, they can be quite demanding as a pet, requiring substantial exercise. As a result, border collies may be susceptible to behavioural issues if their exercise and stimulation needs are not met. Problematic behaviours may include chewing at walls or furniture, scraping at objects or digging up the garden. As a working breed, they desperately need exertion, companionship, attention and stimulating activities. However, with their unrivalled intelligence, border collies are certain to make for very rewarding pets, if their needs are met.

Key Petcare Tips for Border Collies

As mentioned, border collies require a lot of exercise. Some experts recommend a fifteen to twenty-minute walk after every meal and at least four to six times a day! Before welcoming this breed of dog to your family, make sure you can handle their exercise requirements.

When it comes to grooming, be aware that border collies have a double coat and this requires grooming every four to eight weeks. However, during the shedding seasons it may require even more attention, in the spring and autumn.