The Boston Terrier is an enthusiastic and buzzing little dog breed. These short-haired bundles of joy bring happiness and companionship to the lives of anyone who brings them into their home. Boston Terriers are playful dogs that feel comfortable and at home with everyone they meet. In short, Boston Terriers are an all-around great dog for any owner – but there are a few things you need to know about Boston Terriers before you get one. Keep reading to find out!

  1. Boston Terriers are very easy to keep groomed and happy. These low-maintenance dogs have thin, glossy coats that do not hang onto dirt and a quick, daily brush will keep your Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers can have a challenging time when keeping their nails trimmed but if you aren’t up for it then a groomer can handle your Boston Terrier.
  2. Each dog is different but generally, Boston Terriers are friendly and happy – perfect for a family or a first-time dog owner. If you live in a city, have children, or love lounging around the house then Boston Terriers are perfect for you! Plus – if you have other pets, like a cat, do not be surprised if you find your Boston Terrier cuddled up to it. (They get along with other animals too!)

  1. Diet is important for Boston Terriers because they have a tendency to overeat. To ensure that your furry friend doesn’t become overweight, make sure to give them between 0.5 to 1.5 cups of dry food per day, divided up into two separate meals. Just keep in mind that every pup is different, and diet depends on metabolism, size, and level of activity.
  2. It is completely normal for your Boston Terrier to get gassy! Do not be worried if this happens, but the problem can definitely be reduced by feeding them a high quality of dry food.
  3. Boston Terriers are excellent athletes! They excel in dog sports, including flyball, rally, obedience and agility.