Why are dogs’ noses always wet?

Dogs’ noses always look wet, but have you ever wondered why? The reason behind it is that dogs’ noses secret a special mucus that helps absorption of chemical emanating from a scent. You will have also seen dogs licking their noses, which is part of the same process. By using their sense of taste together with their sense of smell, this helps dogs identify scents even better.

The best four-legged lifeguards!

With coats whose fibres actually repel water and feet webbed like flippers, Newfoundland dogs are undoubtedly the canine world’s best swimmers. Of course, this is no accident. Originally, they were bred to accompany fishermen and help save people from drowning. In fact, lifeguarding comes second nature to them to the extent that some owners have told of how their Newfoundland dog tries to save them when they are swimming!

The star witness is a Bloodhound!

Everyone knowns that Bloodhounds’ sense of smell is amongst the most powerful in the canine world. They have an uncanny ability to follow tracks which may be up to three hundred hours old and extend up to one hundred and thirty miles! No wonder they are used by police forces to track missing people, escaped prisoners and even pets! However, did you know…a Bloodhound’s sense of smell is so accurate that it can be admitted as evidence in a court of law.

Who comes first, a Greyhound or a cheetah?

Clocking up a highest speed of 35 miles per hour, Greyhound dogs are actually faster than cheetahs…but only in a long distance race! While a Greyhound can maintain its top speed over the course of up to seven miles, a cheetah will blow out after a few hundred yards. So, in a long distance race, a Greyhound will beat a cheetah every day of the week.