Visits to the Vet

Good pet healthcare and responsible pet ownership requires regular visits to the vet. Dogs and cats require a vet visit once or twice a year and more when younger. Acquainting your pet with the car, or the carrier in which you usually take them to the vet’s, helps to curb last-minute resistance.

Regular Vaccinations

When welcoming a new pet to your family, it is your responsibility to ensure they are immunised against common illnesses and diseases. The first set of vaccines are the most important, but they need renewal. A regular vet visits will help you keep track of your pet’s vaccination needs.


When it comes to dogs, microchipping has been a legal requirement since 2016. For other animals, identification can be enclosed in collars. Make sure your details are updated, in case of change of address.


Neutering dogs and spaying cats have plenty of health and behavioural advantages for you and your pets. Most immediately, you will save your dog or cat from roaming the streets in search of a partner.

Balanced Diet

Resist the urge to splurge on treats for your pets. A balanced diet, comprising proteins, carbohydrates and fibre, will grant your pet a longer and healthier time with you.

Dental Hygiene

Pets with teeth are more susceptible than humans to an array of dental and oral diseases. Stay on top of your pet’s teeth by brushing regularly and saving them and yourself from the toothache!

Home Comforts

Give your pets their own comfort space, where they can sprawl out and relax as they please. Keep it maintained to keep them happy.


Toilet training and obedience training are essential for both pet and pet-owner. With patience and persistence, give your pet the all-important fundamentals for happy cohabitation with you!