Ancient Breed

With their popularity currently at an all time high, you’d think pugs were a relatively new breed. However, the pug’s lineage stretches back surprisingly far. In fact, since it goes back so far into history, there isn’t precise information on when the breed was initially developed. The general opinion is that pugs were originally bred in China and date back to around 400 BC. Moreover, it is said that Tibetan monks kept the dogs as pets in monasteries.

Pugs Have Always Lived It Up

As small and cute breed with numerous physiological curtailments on their physical activities, pugs are used to being pampered. However, in ancient China, emperors kept pugs as lapdogs and were given the lavish treatment of a luxury royal life. Some emperors even went so far as to give their pugs palaces and guards!

Pug Security

During the Eighty Years’ War between the Spanish and the Dutch, legend has it that a pug saved the life of a Dutch royal. In 1572, as The Prince of Orange, William the Silent, led his troops into battle, a group of Spanish assassins conspired to kill him. Asleep in his tent, he was roused by the frantic barking and jumping of his pug as the assassins sought to strike. The would-be assassins were apprehended. Since then, the pug was adopted as the official breed of the House of Orange.

The Order of the Pug vs. Freemasons

In the eighteenth century a secret Roman Catholic organisation was named after pugs. The Order of Pug was a Catholic version of the Freemasons, since the Pope forbade Roman Catholics from joining that secret organisation. The pug was chosen as a symbol of the group based on its loyalty and all members were required to kiss the rear of the Grand Pug! Fortunately, the ceremonial kissing involved a porcelain pug!