When it comes to your dog’s pregnancy, it’s not as simple as a home pregnancy test. However, if you look out for the following signs, you may discover the good news sooner than most. First of all, dogs pregnancies last between 61 and 65 days. Each of the three trimesters last for around 21 days. Thus, when it comes to dogs, the irrefutable signs only occur well into the last trimester. These signs include what is detailed below.

Loss of Appetite and Sickness

This may be one of the earliest signs of your dog being pregnant, as it is said to occur around the time of two weeks’ gestation. However, as with humans, not all dogs experience a loss of appetite and sickness. But, if you spot that your dog is eating less and is vomiting, the occurrence of these two symptoms together could indicate pregnancy.

Less Active

Dogs tend to experience dips in physical activity from time to time, which is completely normal. However, when your dog is usually very active and everything else seems fine, being less active could be another indication of pregnancy. If your dog is indeed pregnant, this dip in activity could appear alongside increased sleep. With the changes her body is undergoing, this is perfectly normal.

Breast Development

A tell-tale sign that your dog is pregnant is the development of breasts and changes in the appearance of teats. When milk production begins as part of pregnancy, teats enlarge and nipples turn a shade of pink. The development of teats could begin to show as early as the second and third weeks of pregnancy.


Within the first few days of pregnancy, all dogs exhibit a slight change in behaviour. Some can become more needy of attention and cling to their owners, while others may become distant and somewhat perturbed.