Amid isolation, quarantine and lockdown, everyone’s worried about the latest coronavirus COVID-19. Many of us that have pets consider them to be equal member of our families and, of course, we’re worried about them too. In this post, Pet Care Lovers will give you a brief lowdown on pets and coronavirus, answering your most important questions.

Can you catch coronavirus from your pet?

In a statement issued by the World Health Organisation, it has clarified that: “At present there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can spread coronavirus or indeed be infected with it in the same way as humans.” There’s been reports of a dog contracting coronavirus in Hong Kong, but these have been exposed as fake news.

Can coronavirus be spread by touching animals?

The World Health Organisation advises people to wash their hands before and after being around animals. This is essential to good hygiene. People also are generally advised not to kiss, lick or share food with their pets. In the current climate, where social distancing is in place, it’s a good idea to keep away from other people’s pets too.

What about talking my dog for a walk?

In its coronavirus guidance, the government has advised that people can still take their dogs for walks. However, the guidance includes the need for people to stay at least 2 metres way from each other. With no final word yet and the country still anticipating a possible lockdown, this may change. But, for now, at least, it’s safe to take your dog for a walk.

Should cats be kept indoors?

For the time being, it’s safe to let cats roam as free as they normally would. However, at this time, it’s imperative to ensure a rigid hygiene regimen is kept in place. Wiping paws with non-toxic antiviral wipes that are suited to human use and general cleanliness are a good idea.