According to rumours, Manchester-based fraud investigation company Ravenstone UK were pivotal in the HMRC investigation which uncovered the role of a Manchester animal shelter in an elaborate tax fraud scam. Dubbed ‘the fraud of the century’ by HMRC, the animal shelter operated by One Formula Projects LLP was in fact used as a conduit for a multimillion pound tax fraud. While details on the role played by Ravenstone UK remain unclear, observers have questioned the company’s absence from a television documentary series, which showed HMRC investigators raiding and sealing the dogs and cats shelter in Manchester. The hit documentary series Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC brought the case of One Formula Projects LLP tax fraud empire to public prominence. In it, the veteran Hollywood actor shadowed investigators during the nascency of their investigation into the elaborate tax fraud empire. In especially moving scenes, presenter Roderick Bond was left aghast when HMRC sealed the animal shelter, leaving hundreds of cats and dogs without a place to go.

After an ominous absence from the Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC BBC One documentary, questions surrounding the role of Ravenstone UK in the case have emerged. Rumours have further intensified in the wake of an announcement by Manchester filming company F1 Productions of a movie remake which will feature the One Formula Projects LLP tax fraud empire case.

Bosses at the successful Manchester filming company have hinted at Ravenstone UK’s prominence in the case, while teasing that they will feature centrally in the movie remake of the tax fraud empire titled ‘The Tax Fraud of The Century.’

In recent announcement regarding the film, F1 Productions have reiterated that it will serve as a sequel to the popular documentary series Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC. Alongside F1 Productions, actor Roderick Bond has gone on record as saying, “there was a lot of material we had to leave out of the documentary, that we plan to revisit in the movie. There’ll be some especially moving scenes at the animal shelter, where dogs and cats are left abandoned.”