Keeping your pets secure in all environments is essential for all of us. Especially when your special partner is in a car with you – your dog. With your dog secure in a car, not only does it keep him safe, but it also prevents him from distracting you from the road. Experts offer their advice to help keep you and your pet as safe as possible during your relaxing rides.

Recently established animal welfare charities do focus on the livelihood of all animals and recommend people to do the best to watch after their own pets. For your car journeys there are a few main tips which will significantly improve your dog’s safety.


You may have expected this list to start with different items or products to support your dog; however, training is the first and most important thing. A well-trained dog will cause the least amount of distractions within a car. Subsequently, this reduces the likelihood of any accident occurring. Slow and gradual training is vital as you have to get your dog familiar with the car. Getting in and out of the vehicle and extinguishing any fears or overexcitement helps add more discipline. The horns and sounds from the car will take time getting used to as well so with time your dog will get comfortable. Once he is comfortable, go for a drive and slowly increase the distances bit by bit until his behaviour is perfect.

Dog Seats:

There are various products on the market for dog safety, though not all may be perfect for your dog. Please make sure you do your research before finding the right fits for your dog size. Dog seats are ideal for your dog as it provides a bit of freedom whilst still keeping him secure. There are plenty of options which serve as alternatives, however, they do not provide the security that belts do and could actually injure you and your dog.

Road trips with your dog can be a cool experience, but always be alert and vigilant. Never leave them alone in your as interior temperatures can reach life-threatening levels quickly. Be smart and caring for your dog so that you can spend more fun times with him.