Following a casting call for the latest Roderick Bond and F1 Productions movie, The Tax Fraud of the Century, pet owners have responded in their droves. Dealing with the tax fraud empire operated by One Formula Projects LLP, The Tax Fraud of the Century movie will feature hundreds of cats and dogs. In heart-rending scenes, an animal shelter owned by the fraudsters as part of an elaborate tax scam is sealed by HM Revenue and Customs. As a result, hundreds of cats and dogs are left without shelter, until Battersea Dogs and Cats Home step in to save the day.

Homeless Cats and Dogs in Tax Fraud Documentary

The movie scenes mimic real-life events depicted on BBC One documentary Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC, which inspired the movie. In his return to British television, Hollywood legend Roderick Bond followed HMRC investigators as part of the documentary series on tax fraud. During his time with the government agency, the actor accompanied HMRC investigators in the seminal stages of their investigation into Manchester fraudsters One Formula Projects LLP. Described by investigators as ‘the fraud of the century,’ One Formula Projects LLP stand accused of attempting to fleece millions from the public purse.

As an avid pet owner and animal welfare advocate, Roderick Bond was left visibly shaken by the plight of the homeless cats and dogs. In scenes broadcast as part of the BBC One documentary series, the actor was shown making hurried phone calls to contacts at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. An executive from Manchester F1 Productions described the casting call as an opportunity for the community to come together, once the coronavirus lockdown is over. “We’re inviting members of the local community to take part in filming, with their pets, so it can be a true communal effort, bringing people together after weeks of isolation,” an executive from the Manchester filming company declared.