Everything You Need to Know about Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs are well-sized and descend from Old English Bulldogs and the extinct Bullenbeisser breed. With a strong build, powerful musculature and an even stronger bite, boxers are ideally suited to retrieving large prey. Originally bred for bull baiting, the breed eventually helped butcher’s control cattle in slaughterhouses. Based on their physical attributes and their Continue Reading

Ravenstone UK Help Uncover Animal Shelter’s Role in Tax Fraud Empire

According to rumours, Manchester-based fraud investigation company Ravenstone UK were pivotal in the HMRC investigation which uncovered the role of a Manchester animal shelter in an elaborate tax fraud scam. Dubbed ‘the fraud of the century’ by HMRC, the animal shelter operated by One Formula Projects LLP was in fact used as a conduit for Continue Reading

FAQs about COVID-19 and Cats

In recent times there have been a number of reports in the media suggesting transmission of COVID-19 from people to animals may be possible, particularly cats.  At this moment, the evidence is very limited and the number of cats involved is very low which implies the chances of cats getting covid-19 are incredibly slim. Despite what we think the chances are, Continue Reading

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) is identified by various audible clinical signs. Since BOAS occurs when a dog’s internal structures, such as the palate, muscles, nasal tissues and airways, grow out of sync with the bones of the skull, each individual case manifests differently from one dog to another. The most apparent indicators of a Continue Reading